Unlock Romanian with a Skilled & Supportive Teacher. No Pressure, Just Joyful Learning! 

Looking for a teacher who's got your back? Look no further! My teaching style perfectly blends structure, variety, and support. You'll love the laid-back and encouraging atmosphere, where building your confidence and skills is a top priority.

This is for you if you’re looking for...

✔️ a patient teacher giving you accountability

✔️ a clear roadmap to achieve your goals

✔️ the tools to succeed

⭐ Get ready to put in the work and enjoy the thrill of achieving your language goals!

Let me be your personal language coach, guiding you every step of the way! Tricky grammar rules, confusing vocabulary? No worries, I'm here to break it all down and fix your mistakes. And hey, making a few slip-ups along the way is all part of the fun! This journey is all about YOU, and I'm here to lend a helping hand.

With years of teaching under my belt, I came up with my lesson plans! I use only the latest textbooks and online resources that are tailored to your skill level. And let me tell you, my classes are engaging, thought-provoking, and just plain fun. Seeing my students grow and succeed is the cherry on top!

meet your teacher

I'm your easy-to-talk-with teacher who in her free time is a bookworm and a fitness enthusiast who enjoys promoting a healthy lifestyle. From babbling at three to now teaching foreign students, my passion for languages has taken me places! Now I'm fluent in English while learning Spanish with ease. How did I get here, you ask?

⭐ It all started in the tenth grade when I met an amazing English teacher who transformed my language skills. It wasn't about me not being able to learn, but rather the wrong methods that hindered my growth. I understand your struggles, and I'm here to guide you. If I was able to master English, you can nail Romanian too! 

Discover the secret to accelerated learning with EXCITING BONUSES! Remember new vocabulary faster, maintain momentum, and conquer our engaging 1:1 classes!


I will be providing consistent assistance to you throughout your journey, which entails being available to respond within 24 hours on Monday through Friday and within 48 hours on Saturday and Sunday via your preferred communication channel (email, Instagram, or WhatsApp).


You will have access to an extensive audio word bank with 4.100 words that will help you enhance both your vocabulary and listening skills.


We can either go over it together during class, or if you prefer, you can email it to me and I'll be happy to provide feedback via email.